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Memory Games
Memory Games can be lots of fun as well as beneficial to a child’s development. The advantages of Memory Games include: Improved concentration, Exercise for the brain, Better attention span, Improved cognitive skills, Quicker thinking skills, Improved focus and enhanced brain functions.
Here’s how you can make your own memory game at home:What you will need:
·Paper plates
·Paint ·     Collage materials
What to do:
•Use your creative skills to decorate the paper plates in different patterns, make sure you do two of the same patterns •You could do different shapes, letters, numbers or even do your favourite characters.  •Once dry you are ready to start enjoying this memory game.

Here’s some pattern ideas. 

What other patterns can you think of? 
How to play ·Lay all the paper plates on the floor with the pattern facing down·Each player turns over two paper plates at a time·If they match, the player keeps them.  If not, they turn them back over·The next player takes a …

Conker Picking

A nature portrait
Following on from our autumnal activities yesterday, we thought it would be a good idea to carry on! The conkers and leaves are probably on the floor now, can you see them all?
Why don't you visit your local park and collect some to make your own nature portrait!

All you need to do, is collect some natural items; leaves, conkers, twigs, pine cones, any thing you can find! 
Once you have your collection, bring them home to start creating your own portrait!
To help guide your child, ask them questions about their facial features. "what can we use for our eyes? where do we need to put the hair?"

When you have created your self-portraits, we would love to see! Send these to your key person via email!

The Lady Castle Team

Pumpkin Spiced Painting

Autumnal ActivityAutumn is my favourite time of the year! The leaves are turning orange, there are conkers and acorns on the ground and every morning smells cold and crisp. As we are really getting into the swing of autumn, I thought it would be a good idea to delve into an autumnal activity.

The smells that remind you (or your mummies and daddies) of the colder months are often cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, all those festive smells! Well here is how you can capture those scents and make them into your own deliciously smelling paintings! 

What you need: 
ContainersWaterGel Food colouringAutumn Spices (Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg)
What to do:
Fill up your containers with waterAdd 1/2 a tea spoon of food colouring and stir until it has all combinedAdd in your different spicesEnjoy mark making in your lovely scented paint!

If you create a lovely autumnal painting, we would love to see! So email your Key Person pictures of you painting and creating! 
The Lady Castle Team

A Mini You

Puppets Galore!
Puppets are a great way for children to express themselves and they can even help them to follow along with story books and nursery rhymes! They can be made out of any materials and decorated however you would like! 
Here are a few ways you can make your own puppets at home!
 Spoon Puppets
You will need:  Wooden or plastic spoonsPensGlueCraft materialsAll you have to do to create these puppets is draw on a face, and use the glue and craft materials to customise the puppet any way you would like!

We all know that socks go missing and there is always just one hanging around somewhere, so why not put that sock to good use and create another puppet! 
Stinky Sock Puppets
You will need:  A sock Googly Eyes or ButtonsCraft or Felt GlueFeltPom PomYarnMarkerScissors What to do: 
First, decide where to put the puppet's eyes.  To do this, put your hand or have your child put their hand inside the puppet with fingers in the toe part and the thumb in the heel.  With a marker, mark where y…

Thank You, Baked Potato!

Printing Potatoes
This week at nursery, we have enjoyed listening to "Thank You, Baked Potato!" a story and song written to help the little ones understand all the crazy goings on with the current situation! 

But helping children understand how to be safe is not all potatoes can be used for! Potatoes are fantastic for printing with paint! 
All you need:
PotatoesPaintPaperA Sharp Knife (for mummies and daddies only!)
What you need to do: 
Ask a grown up to cut out printing shapes in your potatoes using the big knifePress the potato shapes into the paintPrint your potato onto your paper in any way you would like!
Enjoy printing and listening to 'Thank You, Baked Potato!" remember to wash your hands and make some space!
The Lady Castle Team

Party Time