Dance with us!

Sticky kids and more!
Today myself and the staff wanted to share one of our favourite dances with all our friends and families of Lady Castle Nursery! We hope you enjoy!
There are lots of different dances to learn on Youtube!  Here are a few we think you will enjoy: 
Sticky Kids Oti Mabuse Dance Classes Boogie Beebies
Go, boogie and have a ball! We would love to see your dancing videos, just like ours!
The Lady Castle Team.

Family is made from me and you!

Your Family Tree I’m sure everyone misses their families lots and lots over this time but I’m sure you will be able to see each other again soon! 
For now, let’s remember everyone in our families, our mummies, daddies, brothers and sisters... who else is there? Grandma, granddad, auntie and uncle?  
Everybody’s families are different, some people have no brothers or sisters and some people might have lots! Some of your friends might have just a mummy or just a daddy and some might have both, and this is okay! Everyone has their own special family and we should celebrate this. 
A fun way to do this is creating your own little family tree! There are so many ways you can do this, you can use photographs or draw pictures of your different family members!  Here are some idea  of what a family tree might look like but you can make it in any way you like!

Whilst your creating your family trees, you might want to talk about special times you have spent with your family. Special events like bi…

Sun’s Out Fun’s Out

Fun things to do in the sun!
It’s going to be very hot this week and there are loads of ways to enjoy the sunshine. 
This weather is perfect for a picnic, make your favourite sandwiches, grab your favourite snacks and drinks and head out to the park or even your garden to enjoy a family picnic. 
For our nursery picnic, we loved our ice lollies. The strawberry flavour was a firm favourite amongst the children at nursery. We also enjoyed a drink of water to keep us cool in this hot hot sun! 
Go for a walk
We enjoyed a lovely walk today, we found lots of flowers, twigs and leaves on the floor. What can you find as you go for a walk in the sun? 
On our walk at nursery, we found some trees! The children loved trying to climb to the top! Do you think you could climb a tree? Nayel enjoyed holding on tight to the branch, he was so strong!  Playing at the park! 
Today is a lovely day to visit the local play ground! Can you swing on the swing or slide down the slide? Our favourite is the wibbly w…

Where oh where is shadow?

Shadow Play
Its a little bit sunny outside today, what's that you can see on the floor? Its your shadow!
It follows you around on a sunny day, copying everything you do!

Try standing in different areas in your garden, does your shadow change size? 

Your toys will have shadows too, what shadows can you make? 

If the sunshine isn't out, you can always use a torch in the dark to make a shadow. 

Here are some ways you can make different shadow animals with your hands.

Why not give your shadow animal a name and make a story all about them. We would love to know what adventures your shadow animals have been on!

Using our own shadow puppets, we sang one of our favourite nursery rhymes, why not try join in! 


The Lady Castle Team

DIY Paint Stampers

Kitchen Roll Stampers

Why not take advantage of the different materials around your home, like empty kitchen roll tubes, and turn them in to paint stampers. 

What you will need: 

Kitchen Roll Tubes 

These paint stampers are easy to make, all you need to do is carefully (ask a grown up for help!) use the scissors to create different patterns in the end of the kitchen roll tube and then you are ready to create different patterns. 

By dipping the tube in the paint and pressing on the paper, you can create different patterns using different colours or make repeating patterns using the different shapes and patterns of the tubes. 
This is a great opportunity to introduce a range of vocabulary relating to mathematics as well as encouraging there imagination and creative skills. 


The Lady Castle Team

What have you been doing?

Catching up with our families 
Some of our families have been sending us photos, showing us what they have been doing during the time spent with their families. 
Story time
Haider has been enjoying story time with his parents. He has chose the books and has been reading them both at bedtime and through the day. 
Story times can be enhanced by exploring different shapes throughout the illustrations in the books, and counting objects, animals or people. Repetitive reading can help the child understand rhythm and rhyme, or recall the events throughout the book at a later date. Why not draw your favourite characters from the book, or play out the story with your family. 

Bath timeHaider enjoyed taking part in an activity suggested previously in our blog, having a car wash! Or in this case, a baby wash.  Haider enjoyed bathing baby, naming each body part, and discussing whether the water was hot or cold, and whether the soap made the baby clean. 
Ways to develop this activity can include discussi…

A Sweet 'Tweet'

DIY Bird FeedersDuring May you may be able to see lots of birds in your garden and even more in your local park!  What birds can you see? What colour are their feathers? Is their beak long or short?  This is a great opportunity to introduce a range of vocabulary relating to mathematics and understanding the world. 

Here is a check list of the different birds you may be able to find:  Can you find all 14 birds?
To encourage the birds into your garden, why not make a DIY bird feeder? It only takes some string and some cheerios to make! 
You can position them in any shape you like and its certain to attract lots of different species of birds!  Just simple thread the cheerios onto your string and hang them up in your garden. 
Here are some ideas of shapes you can make! 

If you happen to find a bird that is not on your checklist, here is a helpful website to identify what species you have found. 
Have fun spotting the different birds! We would love to see what species you find. 

The Lady Cas…